“Well, this has been a game changer for us! In the past we have ordered food from several delivery services in Basel for our team lunch every Tuesday. Unfortunately, none has been satisfying and it is a great pleasure to be now working with TOMA as he provides us with healthy, fresh and honest food. And on top of it, he is personally delivering it to your doorstep. We couldn't ask for more!”

    — Stefan Von Bartha

“Tasty lunch menu for our customers and our team! We also appreciate the catering possibilities for bigger groups - always uncomplicated and creative!”

    — Till Schmidlin

“Our office is next to Markthalle with its many food stands and despite this tough competition right on our doorstep, we regularly order from TOMA. His lunch is simply unbeatable - it's just super good!”

    — Antonin Troendle

“We have the pleasure to order the lunch from TOMA for our practice every week, and we are absolutely thrilled ! The variety and the balance of the dishes delight us week after week. Each individual meal is not only impressing with its exquisite taste, but it is also delivered by Thomas himself.

The hand-picked ingredients testify to the highest quality and it is obvious that Thomas puts a lot of love and care into every dish. We are particularly impressed by the creative use of fresh vegetables and the flavorful sophistication that can be felt in every bite.

We have no hesitation in recommending TOMA Lunch to every busy person who appreciate a healthy and balanced meal.”

     — Yael Spira

“It's like eating at the Restaurant but in your Office. Thomas’s creative dishes are our daily highlight. And you even get it delivered by the chef himself.”
   — Kenan Brunner

Druckkollektiv Phönix

“Toma Lunch serves a wide variety of vegan dishes and - obviously - prepares them with care and delivers them in reusable containers. It's always a pleasure to take such a lunch break.”

   — Val