129 CHF/weekfor two persons

Smooth the first days with a new born.
A week of lunch, freshly cooked and delivered to your home.

“We didn’t have to worry about lunches in the first two weeks of getting to know our baby. The meals were hearty, delicious and packed with veggies - nourishing my body in the recovery process. The best gift for new parents!”

“As new parents, we didn't have to worry about lunch for the first two weeks. Thomas delivered the delicious, fresh food to our home every day with his cargo bike. Thank you so much for making it easier for us to start family life!“

    — Simone & Chris

“The fresh meals were a real blessing for us for the first few weeks. The days with a newborn are so full that there is hardly any time to cook and clean the kitchen.
It's also much nicer to use this special and unique time to bond with the baby and cuddle a lot.
The food is wonderfully healthy and delicious, freshly prepared and the portions are very large.
The price ratio including delivery is also very fair.
It was simply perfect!
Many thanks to Thomas for his cooking skills!”

    — Freya & Dani

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