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— protect your food memories 

I remember the time when I would run through the apartment on rue des capucines after hearing "À table!".
The smell of the tomato sauce coming out the kitchen window of the 91 via Solaris during summertime.
Walking in balance across the garden where I spent my childhood, picking and tasting all kinds of veggies, herbs and fruits under the caring eye of my grandfather.

I believe it is important to cherish those memories.
They connect us with this sens of curiosity, this excitement, maybe even this naivety that we had towards food.

Being able to put those past emotions in a dish and being able to share it, is probably the reason cooking fascinates me.

The whole idea behind Lunch is to allow us to come back to this simplicity.
Whether on the plate itself or in the way of approaching lunch time.
Explore past feelings rather than eating out of necessity.

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